A Passion:

My passion for animals started when I was a small boy. My parents use to work in a pet store and always had animals in the house. As I grew older I started to acquire many different pets, as well as rescues. I have experience with: a variety of bird and fish species, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, dogs, cats and of course different reptiles and amphibians.

I love all animals and support many conservation's to help protect the wildlife on our planet. Please see our contact page for ways you can help.

A Dream:

My dream was always to work with animals whether I was working in a zoo, as a vet or in a pet store

A Reality:

My passion and dream eventually turned into a reality. My wife, kids and I ended up purchasing a pair of Bearded Dragons which then led to some crested geckos. I never thought it would lead to anything more but then I ended up bringing home a pair of Dart Frogs which I started to breed. We then went to our first Reptile Expo where we came home with our first Ball Python , Elektra, a baby Normal. With that Jayson Marshall Exotics was born.

We have acquired some quality animals from some top breeders in the hobby and we strive in providing the same quality. We have a variety of animals for you whether its your first time reptile or looking to add to a future project.

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